Pets need to be integrated into your home very carefully, and when it comes to cats and dogs, you can expect to make a few adjustments.

If you would change your home to help with your old age, then making a few alterations to accommodate a pet is just as crucial. After all, a property is not a home until everybody is safe!

For such a task, you will need some knowledge beforehand. Fortunately, Citadel Enterprises know all the latest tips on improving your home in an exemplary fashion. We have put together a quick guide to help you get your house in pet-perfect order in no time.

Organize Items

The rules of ‘what is safe’ can be fundamentally redefined when a pet enters the equation.

After all, puppies can still be cheeky on occasion, stealing items like slippers and socks to stash away in their own baskets. Simultaneously, this can be quite cute at first; if they start chewing up and eating these belongings, health problems can follow, alongside expensive replacements overtime. If they get their grubby paws on items from the kitchen, too, they may start consuming hazardous substances that are not fit for dogs, or in the case of disinfectants, for anything!

Therefore, it is best to keep certain things out of their reach or even sight or smell. You could consider:

  • Using Shoeboxes: An excellent place to stash your shoes, place the lid over the top, and stash them away discretely for safekeeping.
  • Erecting Shelves: New shelving units might give you an excellent place to store any other harmful materials out of sight and reach.
  • DIY Fixes: If you have a cupboard door that does not shut correctly, then quick fixes of the DIY strand have never been more critical.
  • Plant switches: Even common houseplants can be poisonous to certain pets, so moving them out or away is a good idea too.
  • Electrics changes: Moving cables to an unreachable location is also a good idea because they can be chew hazards for many pets. It is best to tie them together and arrange them hard to access areas such as beneath carpets or behind furniture.

Make sure everything has a safe place. Do your research, find a consensus on the day-to-day goods that might no longer be permissible in your life, and go from there. While there are some changes you should never make yourself, e a professional handyman can help in the instances where things like wires and electrics are involved. Ultimately, tidiness has never been so important.

Control the Space

While homes are places of rest, they can present dangers to animals who are unfamiliar with the territory.

For example, areas like staircases and fireplaces can be particularly hazardous for your pet’s overall wellbeing. Therefore, isolating these areas with screens or obstacles the pet cannot get around is always a good idea. That way, you can be confident that your pet is navigating the home space safely and sensibly and that you do not need to shepherd them around. Perhaps installing baby gates might do the trick?

Extensions might give your pet more room to explore and call their own also. As more members are added to a home, more space is needed, so it is worth considering. You could redesign the kitchen and expand kitchen space, so people are less likely to trip over the pet as they eat or make the garage area more functional to wash and bath the animal, instead of just storing dusty old items.

Create Your Pet’s Den

Every pet needs its own designated spot that it can call its own.

Many animals are susceptible to their surroundings, especially regarding what they perceive as their territory. All beings need their own space – people have dedicated bedrooms, and pets have cages, baskets, or even cordoned areas of individual rooms to call their own. The more these areas can accommodate their needs, the more comfortable and healthy they will be.

In this space, you can stash any or all of the following:

  • Grooming equipment – products like shampoos, brushes, and clippers that can be stashed well out of harm’s way but in the general vicinity.
  • Blankets and bedding – some pets such as dogs love familiar ‘snuggle items’ to bed down with, whereby their favorite scents can be found upon them.
  • Toys and chews – almost all pets like a few goodies to play with, so it is not all just about settling down either – animals love to play!
  • Utility items – leads, collars, and all their foods and bowls can also be placed in this area, just so that everything is in closer proximity for more convenient management methods.

Ultimately, while these items are essential, it is inadvisable to have them each spread throughout your house. Trip hazards and lost items will be in abundance then, so just having a dedicated area of the house with every pet-related you need therein is a better idea. If you can prepare a homeworking environment, then surely your pet deserves the same care and attention level when it comes to their personal space?

Bolster Security

Pets can be a target for thieves, even to such an extent that burglars may target your home with the express purpose of stealing your furry friend.

Installing smart security features in your home could be a fruitful endeavor here, with cameras, lights, and sensors alerting you to any suspicious activity outside. Additionally, upgraded locks and alarms can be useful features also, keeping you prepared for any eventuality. When you are a pet owner, having these kinds of measures in place is never a bad idea and can only improve your pet’s chances of a happy and healthy life.

Even if these features do not see action, their presence alone can serve as a useful deterrent. People are less likely to meddle in a home space that is fully equipped with all the latest bells and whistles, from recording the thieves’ arrival to illuminating them the moment they step foot on your property.

If you are interested in making significant adjustments to your home, contact Citadel Enterprises for more information. Home additions and house renovations are carefully overseen from conception to completion, guaranteeing a meaningful adjustment to your home. If you have ambitious projects in mind, why wait? Contact Citadel today to realize those dreams, making your house more of a home.