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Why Concierge Care Is Essential For Your Second Home

By |2020-08-01T03:06:55-05:00July 1st, 2020|Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling|

Buying a second home is an exciting process, whether it’s a holiday cabin in the mountains or an apartment in the city for weekend getaways. Choosing your property and purchasing it is just the beginning; once you own a second home, you need to make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. That means

Exciting Remodeling Projects You Can Plan While Sheltering In Place

By |2020-05-06T10:03:05-05:00April 1st, 2020|Bathroom Remodeling|

Being stuck in your home while abiding by the shelter in place order means that you’ll be able to see what needs improving and the potential renovations you can make once the lockdown is over. At Citadel Enterprises, we understand that many homeowners are looking for ideas for projects they can plan to undertake later

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