The objectives of a bathroom remodel project are to make it more functional, beautiful, comfortable, and convenient to use. remodeling the bathroom can be a challenge in itself, but it can be even more so when it is a small bathroom. This is where experienced, professional design services can make a difference. At Citadel Enterprises, we would like to share design ideas for your remodeling project so that your bathroom will not feel cramped. We are trusted bathroom renovation contractors serving clients throughout Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. These ideas should also make space feel more inviting.

Why Should You Consider Wall-Mount Toilets?

A wall-mount toilet can sit closer to the wall and save more space. It can make a big difference and make your small bathroom feel more open. The building code requires a minimum 21-inch clearance between the toilet’s front and the opposite wall. It is better to have more clearance for greater comfort. Wall-mount toilets are also easier to clean under. The design will typically have the tank area recessed into the wall.

Based on the same concept, adding as many hang features to your walls as possible is recommended. This includes:

  • Wall-hung toilets
  • Wall-mounted sinks
  • Floating vanities

Such features can cause visual expansion of the small space and make it easier to clean the floor.

Why a Small Bathroom Needs a Wall-Mounted or Pedestal Sink?

When it comes to a remodel project, we understand the popularity of vanity sinks. And they are popular for good reasons –lots of counter space and storage. However, such a sink will steal a lot of floor space. Both wall-mounted and pedestal sinks help save a lot of space. You can fix them to the corner or mount them on the wall. You could create more storage space by adding hanging features on the wall.

Why Small Bathroom Remodels Don’t Need Tubs?

Everyone loves a long soak after a tiresome day. However, tubs are not ideal additions for a small bathroom remodeling project. They take a lot of space. And compact tubs don’t make much sense in serving their purpose. If you think you can add a cramped tub shower, chances are you will not be using it much. Tubs are best suited for luxurious bathroom suite remodels. A tile shower can be just the right choice for your small bathroom.

How to Create Extra Storage Space in a Small Bathroom Remodel?

It is recommended to ask your best remodeling contractors to follow these tips if you want to create more storage space:

  • Add a built-in storage unit. It will be out of the way and make it easy to access key toiletries. A corner niche can be added to the shower room to place soaps and shampoos. Add a recessed medicine cabinet above the sink to keep your supplements.
  • The vertical space can be used to add cabinetry. It can direct the eyes up and create a sense of more space.
  • Build window or over-the-toilet shelves to create more storage space.

How to Use the Wet-Bath Concept in a Bathroom Remodel?

Your small renovations project should be free of any shower door or curtain. The next step should be to make your bathroom waterproof. The wet-bath concept has widely popular in Europe. It will require the right material for the walls and floors. Tile is an excellent choice in this regard. If you are adding a vanity, consider a water-resistant option.

This concept also allows you to have a curbless shower design. You will no longer have to step over a threshold to move in and out of the shower. This also has a luxurious feel to it. It is also recommended to add a fixed glass divider. It will help keep some areas dry without affecting your exposure to warm steam.

How Large Mirrors Can Help in a Small Bathroom Remodel?

Large mirrors are commonly used in interior design to create a sense of larger space. It is recommended to use this concept in your bathroom renovations project too. The simplest thing can be to add a large and frameless mirror on one of the walls. Your small bathroom will no longer give a claustrophobic feel.

If females mostly use the bathroom, large mirrors can make it easier to decide outfits and do hair and makeup. You may even consider small mirrors that stretch from the vanity to the ceiling.

How a Bathroom Remodel Can Benefit from a Built-in Shower Niche?

More elaborate home remodeling services can involve a built-in shower niche installation. You can have them custom designed or in prefabricated size and shape.

  • They are a functional addition, as it helps remove all the visual clutter
  • They can be positioned anywhere on the wall. It is recommended to position them at a convenient height.
  • All your toiletries can be stored on the built-in shelves

You can create a great accent by using tiles in colors and materials different from other tiles in your bathroom.

How to Use Lighting for Small Bathroom Remodels?

Proper bathroom lighting sets the right balance between form and function. Like any other home remodeling project, lighting is an important factor. When it comes to a small bathroom remodeling project, consider these lighting tips:

  • Add a ceiling fixture that provides overall illumination
  • Add a vanity bar and wall sconces that illuminate your face in front of the mirror
  • Recessed lighting can be an excellent choice for small bathrooms

Light can play an important role in making a small bathroom look more spacious, just like any other home addition. Avoid the use of drum pendants, chandeliers, or any other large fixtures that take a lot of space. Recessed lighting can be hidden in the ceiling. The soft glow it produces can help blur all the boundaries, again giving a sense of more space. It is also recommended to add a skylight or large windows to allow natural light in.

These ideas should help you get the most out of your bathroom remodeling in Charleston SC. If you need more information about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, it is recommended to contact Citadel Enterprises at 843-884-4303. We are among the best remodeling contractors in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. You may also send us your queries using this Online Form.