Being stuck in your home while abiding by the shelter in place order means that you’ll be able to see what needs improving and the potential renovations you can make once the lockdown is over.

At Citadel Enterprises, we understand that many homeowners are looking for ideas for projects they can plan to undertake later in the year. Here are some unique ideas to inspire you and get you energized for your future home remodel.

A New Guest Bedroom

During the lockdown, you’re probably going to be planning all of the exciting gatherings you’re going to host once it’s all over, and you can see your friends and family again. While you’re planning, you might realize that the people you love might need somewhere to stay.

If you haven’t already got a guest room in your home, then you should consider adding one. Not only will it save your friends and family the cost of staying in a hotel, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Our home addition contractors can allow you to expand your property and provide your guests with a safe space to sleep after your fun-filled catchup.

New Kitchen Appliances

As many restaurants are only offering delivery, you’re probably cooking at home more than usual during the lockdown. As a result, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your kitchen using your appliances.

If you notice that your stove, fridge, freezer, or any other appliances aren’t working as well as they should, or you want to improve your cooking skills by using more top-of-the-range products, then we can help. Our experts can discuss the best options for you and measure your space to check that you have enough space.

If you find that you’re bored with your space and want a completely fresh look, then our kitchen design and remodeling services will be perfect for you. Our team can create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of so that after the state removes its shelter in place order, you can cook the delicious dishes you love to share with friends and family.

A Luxury Bathroom

The lockdown stress means that you’re probably keen to unwind by doing soothing activities, such as taking a bath. It would help if you also washed your hands more often to keep yourself safe.

Spending so much time lying in your tub looking at your bathroom, or standing at the sink looking around you, might make you realize how much it could do with rejuvenating. Whether it’s just a small issue or a serious problem, getting it fixed will help you relax and unwind better when you’re spending time in your bathroom.

If your bathroom needs a complete overhaul, then we’re the people to call. Our bathroom renovation contractors can help you find the fixtures and fittings that will transform your space into the relaxing home spa you’ve always wanted.

A Porch Or Summerhouse

Being stuck in your home during the spring isn’t ideal, so many homeowners will be taking the opportunity that the warm weather offers to enjoy their yard. While gardening and outdoor work is fun, sometimes you want to relax in your yard and unwind in the fresh air.

Without a porch or a summerhouse, relaxing in the garden can be tough. Not everyone enjoys sunbathing on the ground, meaning an outdoor living solution can be the perfect alternative.

If you’re thinking of adding outdoor living space to your yard, then use the time you have now to arrange your yard so that it will accommodate a new porch or summerhouse. Review your yard’s layout and explore where the best space will be to put an outdoor living solution. Once you know what you want, reach out to us so that our team can design a space that meets your unique needs.

Home Repairs

While you’re staying in the house all day, you’ll probably notice several things that could do with fixing.

Basic projects are a great way to keep yourself occupied, but significant home improvements need professional support to ensure that your property doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Our experts have extensive experience in the home repair space, so if your project could compromise your property’s structural integrity, or involves volatile elements such as water or electricity, then reach out to us. Our team will be happy to take a look at the problem and make sure that your home is the safe sanctuary you need during this trying situation.

If you want to discuss your home remodeling plans with a professional team, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process of getting a professional round to start your job and book you in for a future appointment once the state lifts the restrictions and life returns to normal.