Undertaking a major house renovation is not to be done lightly. There are so many things that can affect a build, and you need to ensure that everything gets completed to code, so you have as successful a build as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the tasks you should tick off to ensure that you can get your renovation started as soon as possible.

Codes and Regulations

It would help if you worked out as soon as you can whether you will be able to complete your planned renovations. The easiest way to do this is by heading to your local planning office to find out some of the restrictions you will have to overcome. The sooner you can acquire the permits you need, the sooner you will move ahead with your plans.

If you are part of a Homeowners Association, you should also think about reaching out to them to find out about some of the restrictions that might be in place within your neighborhood. Though your local government might be OK with some of the changes you mean to make, you need to ensure that they are also compliant with your HOA standards.

Alternative Accommodation

Suppose you will be spending a lot of time on the renovations, potentially with a lot of work happening in multiple rooms of your home. In that case, you might need to seek alternative accommodations so you can live in peace while the work continues at your house.

For example, you might decide that you would like a full kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation. Not only can this give you lots of fun new appliances to play with, but it also means that you can bring up the value of your home, as kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms for determining a property’s value.

However, having your bathrooms and kitchen out of commission is obviously not ideal for many reasons. A short stay in an Airbnb or hotel might be the better option, as it means that you are out of the way of your home renovators but also able to have a good selection of utilities to take advantage of while yours are out of commission.

Home Design

Obviously, you can’t forget about your actual plans for the home that you are renovating. People often underestimate the amount of work that goes into home renovation. They think it is as simple as picking a new wall color and an option for the floors, but so much more can go into it.

If possible, try to find yourself a project manager who can help bring everything together. This factor is vital if you have a busy professional life and cannot always fully liaise between your household and your remodeling contractors’ wishes.

They will also be able to get the timings just right when it comes to ordering various things. With major renovations, you might find that things need to happen one after the other in quick succession. For example, flooring might not be able to go in until the kitchen cabinets are in, but there is something else that you can’t install until that flooring is down. As a result, you need to make sure that everything gets ordered to an exact schedule. Renovations are a significant balancing act, and it can be challenging to pull them off properly.


Have you got a contingency fund? This might end up being one of the most critical parts of the renovation project overall, as it acts as a vital safety net if something goes wrong. We would all love to be able to pull off a renovation project without a hitch, but that is rarely the case. Try as we might; it always seems like something is doomed to go wrong, be it something big or small.

Something that you might have had your eye on could go out of stock, leaving you with no choice but to opt for a more expensive one. One of your contractors could unearth an issue with your home’s wiring that you can’t overlook due to safety issues. No matter what might occur, you need to make sure that you can find the funds to fix the issues. You need to ensure that you have not just the money for the renovations but a little bit extra to serve as a contingency fund and a safety net.

Home Renovation Contractors

One of the essential parts of any renovation will be the contractors you find to help you out. When you have the go-ahead to start with your planned work, you will have to find a firm to help you out. You might even want to start your search before you start applying for permits. Many home renovation contractors have hectic schedules, and you might need to fit their schedules rather than the other way around.

Take the time to find a reliable and hard-working contractor that will be able to complete your renovation to the best of their abilities.  You could be starting from scratch and researching new names, or you could be taking a recommendation from someone you trust. However you find a contractor, you need to make sure that they are honest, reliable, and hard-working. They should be keen to take on any project you could offer them, with a good portfolio of testimonials from former clients to help showcase their work.

Here are Citadel Enterprises; we strive to bring our customer’s projects to life. We can work on anything, both big and small, to help you pull off the perfect home renovation. Get in touch with us today to start chatting about how we can help you with your renovation plans.