Thanks to the global Coronavirus pandemic, many workers are spending more time at home. For staff that already worked from home, this wasn’t much of a change. However, for many staff, it was a severe disruption to their usual working routine.

If you didn’t already have a space to work from, then you might have found yourself using the kitchen table or a spare desk shoved into a corner.

While this might work in the short-term, it’s clear that the virus is here to stay. Without a vaccine, it’s hard for staff to return to work. 

As such, you need to consider the long-term and how you can turn your home into a place where you can enjoy working and having fun.

Thankfully, Citadel Enterprises is here to help. We’ve put together a guide to choosing the perfect house renovation that will make working from home comfortable and enjoyable. 

Buy Comfortable Furnishings

An easy way to improve your home and make it more welcoming is to explore new, comfortable furnishings options.

Whether it’s a snug area rug to make your home feel warmer or a new desk chair to help your back, you should take the time to consider all of the options. 

Think hard about your workspace at home and how new furniture could improve it. For example, if you have lots of books and papers in your home office, then you might want to consider adding a new bookshelf or storage option to keep them away from you while you’re working.

Once you know what furniture you need, you should check the internet and home remodeling stores to find the solution you need. 

Some furniture, such as storage solutions, desks, and chairs, can be expensive. As such, you need to make sure that you do your research and find the perfect product before you buy it. 

Buying costly furniture online can be challenging, as you can’t test it or see it in real life. Consider visiting a store to see the item that you want before you purchase it.

If you can only get the product you want online, make sure that you choose a supplier that offers an excellent return policy. Then, if you don’t like your new furniture, you can quickly return it and find the perfect solution that makes working from home more enjoyable. 

Consider A Garden Office

When you’re working from home, it can be tough to separate your working life from your personal life. One ideal approach to help you switch off is to choose a garden office.

By creating a separate building to work in, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home and make working from home more comfortable.

Garden offices are more than just a shed; they’re effectively an extra room that’s not attached to your home. You can add running water and electricity, as well as heating and cooling solutions, to make your garden office comfortable and snug. 

Creating your perfect garden office might seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We offer a range of home remodeling services so that we can help you streamline the process and create your dream garden office in no time.  

Work Outdoors

If you’re unable to create a garden office for any reason, then consider adding a porch or a deck to your home. These outdoor living solutions will allow you to work outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You’ll be safe from the elements thanks to your porch covering and can easily reach your electrical supply in your home so that you can still use all of your gadgets. 

Working outdoors is perfect for South Carolina residents, as we get incredible weather, particularly in the summer. We do get storms, which is why you should also consider a dedicated workplace in your house and your outdoor office. 

Add Additional Space

If you live with lots of people, such as a large family or a lot of housemates, then you might find that working from home is hard as you all get in each other’s way. 

When you all went to the office during the day, you weren’t on top of each other. As such, you were able to enjoy some personal space in the day. 

However, if several of you are working from home now, then you might find that your home feels crowded and cramped. 

Consider extending your home to make it easier for you and your housemates to spread out and enjoy your time working from home.

Citadel Enterprises offers a range of home additions so that you can add space to your property and make it easier for you to enjoy your personal space.

Install Extra Amenities 

You might also find that it’s hard for you and your housemates to use the amenities in your homes, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

As such, you should consider adding additional facilities to your home. Whether it’s an extra bathroom or a larger kitchen, our team can help.

We specialize in bathroom remodeling and kitchen design remodeling to add the facilities you and your housemates need. 

Our team can advise you on the best way to make the most out of your space so that you get the perfect facilities and the chance to work from home in comfort. 

Seek Professional Advice For Home Renovation in Charleston SC

If you’re not sure how to make working from home more comfortable and relaxing, then consult the experts. Citadel Enterprises has extensive experience helping clients with everything from home repairs to aging in place and beyond.

As such, we know how to turn any home into a comfortable and welcoming oasis, no matter what your preferences and tastes. 

So, get in touch today to speak to one of our dedicated home improvement experts. They can explain our service offering and help you to turn your home into a space that you’re proud to work from all day.