If you’re looking for inspiration, tips, and tricks on how to improve your house and make it the home you’ve always dreamed of, Instagram is the place to go.

The social media platform has accounts on it with everything from kitchen inspiration through to celebrity kitchens, so you can find something you love.

But how do you emulate that in your home? After all, most homeowners don’t have the budget, time and energy that Instagram influencers have to put into doing up their kitchen.

Working with a team of kitchen renovation and home improvement experts is the best solution. Citadel Enterprises, Inc. has an experienced team of experts who can transform your kitchen into space you desire.

Read on to find out how our team can help you achieve the latest Instagram kitchen trends in your home.

  1. Kitchen Islands

It’s the trend that won’t go away- kitchen islands. Having an island in the middle of your kitchen that acts as a dining table, brunch bar and workstation is the epitome of chic. Our design experts can design and craft a kitchen island that will fit perfectly into your space. They can be tailored to fit in with your kitchen’s aesthetic or designed to stand out. Whatever your preference, we can design and install the perfect kitchen island for you and your home.

  1. Marble Counters

Marble is everywhere: on walls, phone cases, and even women’s nails! With this trend splashed everywhere, it’s the obvious choice for your kitchen countertops. Marble is a beautiful material, but it’s also porous and prone to scratches. Our team can advise you on whether marble is the best material for your countertops, or if a more durable, manmade alternative like quartz will give you the same finish and keep your surfaces looking sleek and stylish for longer.

  1. Pendulum Lighting

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, then you can’t have failed to spot the beautiful pendulum lights hanging from the ceiling of almost every kitchen on the platform. As you’ll see if you take a look at our gallery of past projects, the team at Citadel Enterprises has installed a lot of pendulum lights in kitchens over the years, so you can trust us to create a beautiful, well-lit kitchen you’ll love cooking and spending time in.

  1. Bold Monochrome

Classic black and white monochrome has become a go-to for many Instagram influencers, who want to create a dramatic look that stands out. It might sound simple, but the monochrome look requires a lot of precision to get right. As one of the top-tier kitchen remodeling contractors in South Carolina, and boasting CHBA certification, membership of the Guild Quality, as well as the Prism Award, which we’ve won several years in a row, we have the expertise to create this look in any kitchen.

  1. High Stools

Brunch bars are the new breakfast table, which is why high stools have become an important Instagram trend over recent years. These beautiful items of furniture need to be more than just pretty- they also have to be comfortable to sit on too. Our team can design and craft spectacular high stools that are comfy as well as beautiful. The result will be an elegant space you’ll want to show off!

  1. Discreet Storage Solutions

Thanks to Marie Kondo and other cleaning influencers, Instagram users are now embracing the clutter-free life. In the kitchen, you still need tools and equipment to whip up delicious dishes, so recreate the minimalist look by using innovative storage solutions. They can hide your items from view but still, keep them within easy reach for whenever you need them.

  1. Fitted Appliances

Part of the trend for minimalist, Scandinavian style kitchen involves hiding bulky appliances like ovens, toasters, and microwaves inside their own unique units. This hides them from sight until you need to use them. Our designers can help you to achieve this in your kitchen and remodel your space to suit your tastes. Thanks to our remodeling service, we can transform your space into a trendy room that is the heart of your home.

  1. Sweeping Steel Cooker Hoods

If you check out #kitchens or any of the range of home influencers and kitchen focused accounts on Instagram, you’ll see that almost all of them feature shiny steel cooker hoods, which sit front and center of the frame. These majestic, chimney-like hoods are more than just aesthetic; they also extract the hot air from your room and keep your appliances, surfaces and cupboards from getting damaged. The result is a safe, stunning kitchen that will look great and help you create loads of delicious meals.

  1. Walk-In Fridges And Pantries

Stars like the Kardashians, the Jenners, Jessica Alba and more love to show off their kitchens. Most of them have expansive walk-in fridges and pantries, all filled with neat dividers and cute storage jars filled with delicious produce. Many Instagram influencers and ordinary homeowners have started to copy this trend, but this requires skilled designers and craftspeople to pull off successfully. Our team has extensive experience building all kinds of kitchens, so we can advise you on how best to use your space and incorporate this and many other trends.

  1. Rustic Aesthetics

The rustic look is popular with celebrities and influencers alike, but it can take a lot of work to achieve. The team at Citadel Enterprises has the experience to help you complete a complete kitchen refit if you want to fully transform your room. The result will be a space you’ll be proud to post on Instagram.

It’s not just kitchens- Instagram has influencers showing off the latest bathrooms, porches, home renovations and more. Luckily, CitadelEnterprises has the expertise to help you with all this and more!

Call us today on 843-884-4303, or contact us here and one of our friendly advisors will help you start your journey towards your dream home.