You love your neighborhood, you love your home but your family needs more space or a different layout of your living areas. We specialize in home additions and renovations which seamlessly blend with your current layout. Whether it’s a new kitchen or new master bedroom our design-build process will insure that your new addition will give you the space you need while keeping the look you love.

Working with trusted, skilled and experienced Remodeling experts during all phases of the project – from the planning, design, selection process to construction – is crucial for a successful project and your peace of mind. Click on Galleries to see more of our work!

Recent Creative Home Additions & House Renovations Projects

A home addition is one of the ideal ways to remodel your home that serves many benefits which you undoubtedly love. The most significant advantage is that it increases the market value of your home. There are other advantages of a home addition as well, which you should look into when you’re looking for improving the structure of your property.

Home Additions Makes Space for Your Family

If you have a huge family and want to ensure that your home can provide plenty of room for your family. Then, you definitely require a home addition to cater to the needs of your growing family.

Home Additions Increase The Utility

Whenever you think about home additions, you probably think about adding a new room for your home. However, mostly, it may not be the case, as it can also add functionality to your current and existing spaces.

For instance, do you ever dream about getting a master suite bedroom like in a five-star hotel?

So, instead of thinking about moving into a new home, it’s a better option to get your home renovated, which would get an additional room or two, along with some tangible advantages. That includes no stress of moving, a significant increase in the market value of your property and it would cost a lot less than buying a new home. By getting in touch with a reliable home addition contractor, you don’t have to leave the house you cherish when we can make it better. There is a diverse range of options when it comes to adding rooms. At Citadel Enterprises, we take the process of your home addition seriously. At the first consultation, we will discuss what you have in mind and merge those ideas with ours.

We can add space to your home in three different ways.

We can create a new room from the ground level, we can also build on the top of your current rooms, or we can even make an entirely new unit that is entirely separate from your house. All of these methods have some pros and cons as well, such as building on the ground level would decrease your yard space, and building on the top would cause a disturbance, especially in the construction stage. Therefore we will go over all the details, leaving no room for any misunderstandings — giving you a more solid position to make a sound decision. We have done countless home additions in the past 29 years. Some home additions we have made for the residents of Charleston, SC include recreational rooms, family rooms, sunrooms, home offices, media rooms, garage apartments, basements, master suites, and children’s play areas. During the construction, we always ensure that there would be minimal distress to you and your family. Also, we will abide by the local regulations and get all the permits required to get the job underway. Our expert craftsmen know every detail of the entire process of your home addition and will guide you every step of the way. Citadel Enterprises always strive to provide nothing but the best service of home additions to our clients. That’s why we use high-end materials on every project so that they would last for a longer period of time.

Home Addition Contractors in Charleston and Mt Pleasant SC

If you are looking for home addition contractors near me then look no further than Citadel Enterprises of Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC. We provide all home addition services. Contact us right away at 843-884-4303, and our specialists will get in touch with you shortly.