Got A Spare Room? Here’s What You Can Do With It

Every room in your home serves a purpose, but sometimes you have more rooms than you know what to do with in your property. In such a situation, you might be at a loss. However, given the many options at your disposal, there’s no reason to be.

If you’ve got a spare room and no idea what to do with it, we can help. On top of providing services like kitchen remodeling and home repairs, we’re also general house renovation experts. So, if you’ve got a room that you’re not sure what to do with, we can talk it through with you and reach a decision you’ll love.

Below are some of the best suggestions for making a spare room useful, which should hopefully give you some food for thought. If one of these stands out to you, we can help turn it from a dream into a reality.

Home Office

Thanks to the pandemic, work looks a lot different from what it used to. Many people are stuck doing their job at home, and that’s how it’s going to stay for a lot of them, even once COVID-19 becomes yesterday’s news.

If you know that remote working is what you’re going to be doing from now on, you might want to consider turning that spare room into an office space. Creating a designated space for your job is one of the best ways to make working from home more comfortable, and it could make all the difference to your productivity.

If you already have a home office, but there are several of you currently using it, then that’s even more of a reason to get another one. As good as it can be to have others around while you’re working, sometimes the distraction does more harm than it’s worth.

Extra Bathroom

The more people that live in your home, the more need you’ll have for multiple bathrooms. Even if you have several of these already, there’s still a chance that an extra one might come in handy. If so, this gives you something to do with your spare room.

We know all about bathroom remodeling, so if this is a path you decide to go down, you’ll be in safe hands with us. We’ve been doing up bathrooms for the people of Charleston for decades now, so we’re well aware of how to make this room stand out. We also know, though, that not every room can become a bathroom – not quickly, anyway.

There’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind with a bathroom remodeling project, one being whether or not the room has the necessary connections to fit the essentials. Don’t stress, though, because we’ll handle everything and keep you in the loop the whole time. If you want your spare room to become a luxurious bathroom space, we’ll make sure that happens for you.

Walk-In Wardrobe

Have more clothes than you know what to do with or can wear? Then perhaps your spare room would serve you better as a walk-in wardrobe.

By transforming this room into a home for your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you’ll ensure everything has its own space, so you don’t have to throw any of it away. What’s more, depending on the size, you may be able to use it for more than just storage. Sofas and dressing tables often make excellent additions to walk-in wardrobes because they make the space more social and practical.

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to make the spare room an extension of your own bedroom. Obviously, this depends on where the two rooms are located and within the walls separating them. However, combining rooms isn’t outside our area of expertise, so if this what you’re after, we’ll see what we can do.

Gaming Room

If you have kids that love video games, or you’re a prominent gamer yourself, then a dedicated space for this activity is always worthwhile. It gives those engaging in the hobby somewhere to disappear whenever they want, which might be ideal if others in the house aren’tcolossal gaming fans.

The only thing you might need to consider when renovating the space for this purpose is power. Gaming PCs, consoles, TVs, sound systems, and the like all require access to electricity, and there may not be enough outlets in the room to power them all safely. That’s okay, though, because we can help with that.

Rewiring electrics is one of those jobs you should never attempt yourself unless you’re a professional. So, just leave it to the experts, and we’ll have your gaming room up and running in no time.

Sound Studio

Do you love making music? If so, a sound studio might make an excellent addition to your home. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or love mixing, turning your spare room into a place where you can enjoy these activities is always a great idea.

Again, this will give you, or whoever’s passionate about music in your home, a place to indulge in these hobbies away from everyone else. You’ll just need to be considerate about noise, especially if you’re interested in something like playing the drums.

Of course, you can always soundproof the room to ensure that what you get up to in there doesn’t disturb other occupants – or your neighbors. Doing this won’t just make you a more considerate person, but it will also help improve the value of your home. That’s never a bad thing, especially if you have plans to move elsewhere sometime in the future.

Leaving a spare room empty is a waste of good space, so it’s always wise to find a way to fill it. Whether that’s with a guest bed, one of the ideas mentioned above, or something else entirely, Citadel Enterprises has you covered. We’ll help make your spare room one of the best places to be in your home. To get started, all you need to do is contact us and let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll take things from there.