Aging In Place

Citadel Enterprises, Inc. is the Charleston Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) contractor. Citadel Enterprises works closely with local design professionals. These relationships are crucial in providing you with one-stop design-build service – from project concept to completion.

As a design-build client, you will be engaged in all aspects of your project. By integrating all steps, your end result will not only fit your budget but become a reflection of your lifestyle!

Our Design-Build service offers three major advantages for the property owner:

  • Cost estimating at every major phase of the design process, allowing you to make financial decisions based on real numbers
  • A continuous information flow between the design professional and construction division during both the design process and initial stages of construction will relieve you from the direct responsibility for the project’s coordination
  • Our process ensures a smoothly flowing schedule from the design to the construction phase; it avoids the stop-and-start delays often associated with a bidding process

Recent Aging In Place Projects

Aging-in-Place with Citadel Enterprises

Comfort and safety are paramount for our seniors, and a majority of old-age citizens don’t want to move to an assisted living facility; instead, they want to spend quality time at their home. That’s why it is necessary to make modifications to your home to facilitate an aging loved one.

Citadel Enterprises for Aging-in-Place Remodel

Citadel Enterprises, Inc. is one of the Lowcountry’s few Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) contractors; Pete Loy, our President, has successfully illustrated the skills to make home alterations required to allow aging residents to stay in their own home maintaining their freedom, ensuring safety and maximizing the comfort level. We make sure that we maximize the comfort level of their homes so they can keep enjoying their lives. Whether you want to modify your bathroom, bedroom, entryway, exterior, garage, kitchen, laundry room, or living room, our aging-in-place specialist can help you make the most of your existing residence.

Benefits of Aging-In-Place

Aging-in-place is far better than moving to an assisted living facility for several reasons, some of those are;


Believe it or not, aging-in-place is a safer and healthier option for seniors; When people age and their immune systems decline, the risk of infection becomes more significant, and living conditions can play a critical role in the outbreak of such diseases. Assisted living facilities can be overcrowded, limiting the amount of care and attention that the staff can provide at any time. With so many people at different health levels, these facilities can also be a favorite hangout for some nasty germs, and that’s not the type of environment you want for your loved one.

Aging-in-Place specialist at Citadel Enterprises ensures that your loved one’s health is not compromised by making the required alterations to your home.


According to a report by The Department of Housing and Urban Development, the autonomy of the elderly is more than just living outside an institution, which “involves control over their own lives and meaningful participation in the community.” Seniors like anyone else want to preserve their freedom,which plays a crucial part in maintaining mental and emotional health in seniors.

Minor modifications made to your home by Citadel Enterprises’ Aging-in-place specialists can help preserve the mental health of your loved one.


Many might think that an assisted living facility is cheaper than remodeling your home for aging in place, but that’s a common misconception. The Department of Housing and Urban Development agrees that aging in place saves money. Many seniors own their homes and do not have to cover the costs of the loan. Before being put on the market, the house may be old and need substantial repairs or improvements if a homeowner is going to move out.  It all takes time, energy, and money which a retiree might not have.

We at Citadel Enterprises make sure that the cost of aging in place is affordable for our seniors.