If you plan to start on a bathroom remodeling project, you will find a range of possibilities. Home improvement projects can be exciting to think up. However, you must plan everything down to the last detail if you want all the upgrades to be perfect in every way. While you can always start with some basic planning and ideas, it is always best to contact experienced bathroom renovation contractors like us at Citadel Enterprises Inc.

We are a leading company in this industry and have been catering to clients in Charleston for over three decades. Our team of experts works very closely with you to determine what your home additions requirements are before coming up with customized bathroom renovation plans that meet your needs to the T.

Common Signs That Your Bathroom Needs an Upgrade

Bathroom spaces tend to see significant wear and tear because they are exposed to moisture, steam, and water. Regular use causes various features to start looking old and outdated quickly. Here are some common signs, which indicate that it might be time to get a bathroom renovation done:

  • The wall tiles have developed cracks
  • The bathtub surfaces are looking worn and chipped
  • Plumbing fixtures do not work as they should
  • You notice wet patches on the ceiling or walls
  • You need more storage space
  • You feel that many of the features are outdated and need a change

Regardless of why you feel you might need a bathroom upgrade, you must contact the best remodeling contractors for the job.

Which Are the Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades To Consider?

Depending on the condition of various features in your bathroom, there could be various renovations and upgrades to consider. Here we discuss some of the most popular bathroom upgrades that will improve the usability, condition, and appearance of your bathroom:

  1. Replace the Flooring- Regardless of the room in your house, flooring has a crucial role to play in it. However, in a bathroom, we need to ensure that the floor is stylish, robust, yet practical. When it comes to bathroom flooring, ceramic tile proves to be one of the most suitable options. Not only can you find a variety of styles to suit your requirements, but also it is an easy to clean, waterproof surface.

If you are working on a modest Charleston bathroom remodeling budget, you can opt for sheet vinyl. The installation is straightforward, and it can quickly uplift your bathroom appearance. This trendy bathroom renovation idea has the most significant impact while remodeling the space.

  1. Add More Storage Features– Many people feel the need for more storage space in their bathroom over time. While adding storage, one of the most crucial things to remember is that you can utilize every inch available with smart storage options. Do not hesitate to add floating shelves on walls as they can hold additional items that you don’t require every day, such as extra towels or toilet paper rolls you might need when you have houseguests.
  1. You can also install a magazine rack along the walls’ length, which can clear up your counter or floor space to create a stylish and open look in your bathroom. Depending on the amount of space available, you can also install cabinets behind doors or in nooks. It’s a great way to maximize the available space while removing the clutter from other areas.
  1. Update the Vanity or Sink – The vanity and sink are some of the most used features in a bathroom, and they also become the focal point there. You can replace the countertop and refinish the vanity as required. In some cases, you can give the bathroom an entirely new look by just changing one of these installations. If you feel that you want to add a pop of color to your bathroom, change the cabinetry materials and colors and install a mirror of a similar finish above the sink as well.
  1. Upgrade your Shower- The shower is where you relax in your bathroom, so it makes sense to remodel it to meet your needs perfectly. Today, walk-in showers are the latest trend, and you can use your creativity by including the types of wall tiles you want. Look for something that suits your bathroom’s overall styling and design. Just as you add color to your cabinets, you can do the same with the tiling in the shower.
  1. Add Lighting– While many people focus on changing tiling, replacing accessories, etc., they overlook the lighting aspect. Regardless of how many changes you make in your bathroom, it can affect the overall look if you don’t plan the lighting well. Make sure that you have sufficient lighting around the mirror. Add some track lighting if you have a false ceiling or other light fixtures for ambient lighting.

What Is the Average Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Since every bathroom is different and every homeowner will have very different requirements, the bathroom renovation costs can vary greatly. Other variables in these projects are the materials and products used. You will find a wide range of products with varying prices, and these have a bearing on the overall project cost. It’s why you must create a list with all your desired upgrades. Discuss your bathroom remodeling requirements with experienced and licensed professionals, who will provide you with a detailed estimate for the bathroom remodel in Charleston, SC.

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