The kitchen in your home sees a lot of wear. The cooking fumes, steam, water, and smoke tend to deteriorate the installations and cabinets much faster than other home areas. It’s no surprise, then, that the room quickly begins to look dull and drab and may need kitchen remodeling sooner than later.

Unfortunately, when it comes to home remodeling projects, these rooms are also the most overlooked. Most homeowners regard these as functional or utilitarian spaces and do not place a high value on kitchen design during a home remodeling project. However, refurbishing your kitchen is one way to make it more comfortable, enjoyable, and functional. A well-planned kitchen renovation can also significantly increase your home’s value.

While it’s crucial to plan the space well, you also need a skilled and experienced home renovation contractor to bring your ideas to fruition. We at Citadel Enterprises Inc. have been operating this space for several years and offer superior home remodeling services.

Whether you need to renovate your kitchen from scratch or add a few new features and fittings, we can help. As one of the best remodeling contractors in Charleston, we have the resources, skills, knowledge, and expertise to offer customized solutions to our clients. 

Five Kitchen Remodeling Trends

When planning your kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to conduct some research and be aware of the latest trends. Here we look at 5 trending kitchen remodeling concepts:

  1. Compact Design

Whether a broken, square, or narrow plan, where you have limited space, a compact kitchen design concept is the best choice. Maximum efficiency with minimum clutter is the cornerstones of this modern concept. Some things to focus on include:

  • Consider the layout carefully and utilize every inch of space purposefully.
  • Create a row of cabinetry along a single wall; this will help open up space and streamline the look.
  • Taller wall units are best suited to galley style/narrow kitchens, and the area feels less congested than if covered with larger cabinets on either side.
  1. Floating Kitchen Islands

Depending on your kitchen’s layout and placement of the rest of the cabinets, you might want to consider installing a kitchen island. This is a trending feature and is becoming a big part of modern kitchen design in Charleston, SC. A floating or open island allows for easier access and seating opportunities. You can use the shelves under the feature’s worktop for storage, optimizing the available space.

  1. Add a Pop of Color

It is unusual to see too many colors in a kitchen, and that concept hasn’t changed much. However, one latest trend is the use of a pop of color in the space. When we handle kitchen renovations in Charleston, the aim is to ensure that the existing space looks attractive yet is practical and functional.

As people are increasingly spending more time indoors, adding some color to kitchens can help enhance the mood. The latest design trends are all about taking risks with themes, concepts, and colors. Add bolder shades to one or two features to uplift your kitchen’s appearance.

  1. Darker Shades

Up Until a few years ago, most kitchens had subtle shades on surfaces like cabinets and countertops. However, all that has now changed, and darker shades are in. As the best kitchen remodel contractors, we always keep in sync with the times and have seen this trend taking off in a big way.

Darker countertops and worktops are offset by bright ‘color pops’ and subtle furniture to ensure they fit in well in different sized rooms creating an air of sophistication and luxury in that space. Two-toned kitchens are another exciting trend that is slightly different from the ones where bold colors make a focal point in the room. Your home remodeling contractor would be able to help design this space ideally using the colors you want.

  1. Unique Tile Patterns 

Boring is out, and captivating is in. Remodeling contractors kitchen experts are now using attractive and exciting tile patterns. Custom tile work mixed with different materials and artistic backsplashes is all the rage. Even if the rest of your kitchen has subtle colors, including exotic and interesting tile patterns on walls and floors can instantly alter your kitchen’s appearance. Consider embarking on a bathroom remodeling project simultaneously and get some similar tiling work done there as well. 

Some other Latest Trends 

In addition to all of the trends we talked about, some others are also making waves, such as: 

  • Installing smart storage is an excellent way to get a good return on investment from your house renovation project
  • Use green accessories and cabinetry in different shades
  • Include smart devices and appliances
  • Add statement plumbing fixtures and fittings like kitchen sinks and taps
  • Concealed appliances are another trend in this space
  • Bold brass finishes and textured cabinetry are also quite popular these days.

Customized Kitchen Remodeling Services

You can discuss all these ideas with your kitchen remodeling contractors. They would also provide their inputs and insights to help you make an informed decision. While it’s always good to be aware of the latest trends, you need to know what will work well in your kitchen. Talk with skilled contractors with experience in handling kitchen remodeling projects.

They will help you with the design and layout, material selection, and installation of the latest appliances and plumbing fixtures. While you are getting kitchen renovations in Charleston done, check whether any home repair tasks are to be completed. It’s best to get the contractors to tackle those while they are on site. 

We are a leading company in this industry, offering the best services to clients in and around Mt Pleasant, SC. We handle everything from home additions and bathroom remodeling and to home repair solutions. If you are looking for high-grade kitchen remodeling services, Citadel Enterprises Inc. is the company to call at 843-884-4303. You can also start your project by providing us some details, and one of our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your project requirements.