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Concierge Care
Caring For Your Home Like It’s Our Own



As a part-time resident in the Lowcountry, you need to find a home care service that is trustworthy, proficient and dependable as well as bonded and insured. Citadel Concierge Care is that service.

Citadel Enterprises has been serving Lowcountry residents since 1991. It is a design/build remodeling company that not only renovates spaces, but has qualified craftsmen who can repair any problem spot in your home. The company was built on quality, customer service, cleanliness and trust. The professionals who will be inspecting the homes are trained, clean, multi-skilled and loyal. The company lives by its motto – "Caring for your home like it’s our own".

Concierge Care Citadel Concierge Care is your home monitoring professional and will inspect your residence as often as you wish, from once a week to once a month. During the visit, we will check those items pre-agreed upon from a checklist custom tailored to each property and the owner’s specific needs. If the inspector finds something wrong with the home or out of place, the item will receive immediate attention. At the conclusion of every inspection, the homeowner will receive an e-mail confirming the inspection and comments regarding what the inspector found or fixed.

Landscape MaintenanceCitadel Concierge Care will only perform the inspections the homeowner chooses. With a long menu of services, the homeowner will decide on the number of tasks performed and the number of visits per month. Additionally, our craftsman employees are available to make repairs, large or small, upon your approval of a detailed proposal. A small investment will provide out-of-town property owners home protection and peace of mind.

Possible Services Include:


  • Bring in newspapers, recycle bin, and mail.
  • Pick-up any trash found on property.
  • Bring in the trash can.
  • Walk around the house and lot to inspect for any type of damage or something out of place.
  • Check level of chemicals in mosquito misting system.
  • Check to see if any tree branches are rubbing against the house/roof.
  • Check landscape for maintenance.
  • Check for general pool cleanliness.
  • Check to ensure that dock lines and fenders are secured on the boat.
  • Inspect all porches, decks, and dock.


  • Check on house after any named storm.
  • Check for obvious pest control problems.
  • One time per year: Check crawlspace and attic areas.


  • Inspect inside of garage.
  • Flush toilets and run water in various bathrooms.
  • Inspect all rooms including bathrooms, closets, laundry room, and kitchen.
  • Check inside refrigerator(s) for spoiled food and remove from premises if any is found.
  • Check HVAC filters and change as needed using owner’s filters stored on site.
  • Check setting on HVAC thermostats (specify setting desired).
  • Check for house plants showing signs of drying out.
  • Check smoke detectors for operation.


  • Start and let idle automobiles for the duration of the inspection.
  • Check golf cart battery water level.
  • Check back-up generator; check oil and test run.


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